BMW i3 BEV vs BMW i3 REx: Which is Right for You?

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The BMW i Performance lineup near Los Angeles has revolutionized the way that California drivers stay mobile in an increasingly green age.

If car-sharing, car-pooling, and biking just aren't cutting it for you, and you're considering into a luxury hybrid car or EV, the BMW i3 lineup of electric models should be at the very top of your short list. But, with two unique, stylish, and tempting options--the BMW i3 BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) and BMW i3 REx (Range Extender)--it can be hard to pick just one.

We've compiled all the best things about both of these exceptional vehicles, and compared what you need to know before you purchase or lease your next Los Angeles BMW EV.


Powertrain Type

  • BMW i3 BEV: All-electric motor, 33 kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery, Brake Energy Recuperation system
  • BMW i3 REx: All-electric motor, 33 kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery, Brake Energy Recuperation system, 2-cylinder gasoline Range Extender

With 184 pound-feet of torque and a low weight, the BMW i3 is, maybe surprisingly, one of the fastest cars off the line. Power is equal between the two, but the i3 BEV has a higher rated MPGe than the i3 REx.


Driving Range

  • BMW i3 BEV: 144 miles (e- only)
  • BMW i3 REx: 100 miles (e- only) - 180 miles (e- + full tank of gas)

Thanks to the addition of a small gas tank and engine, the i3 REx can travel much farther than it's strictly-electric cousin, placing it in direct competition to economy hybrid EVs like the LEAF or the Bolt.



  • BMW i3 BEV: Starting at $44,450
  • BMW i3 REx: Starting at $48,300

The BMW i3 REx is slightly more expensive than the BMW i3 BEV--but can you really put a price on peace of mind if you plan to use your hybrid/EV for more than just small commutes or short trips into town?


Available Packages

  • BMW i3 BEV: Deka World, Mega World, Giga World, Tera World, Technology Package + Driving Assistant
  • BMW i3 REx: Same as above

Both models offer the same line of available package options for a customized feel in the cabin.


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