Is Los Angeles Ready for the 2018 BMW M4?

2018 has already brought some big and exciting changes to the 2018 BMW lineup, but one of our favorite models here at South Bay BMW is really taking center stage right now: the 2018 BMW M4. Handsome, inspired, and with a racing lineage you can't dispute, the 2018 BMW M4 arrives to the 2018 model year with some awesome upgrades. Whet your palate with the following, then hop over from Los Angeles to visit the M4 for yourself in our Torrence, CA showroom.



What's New for 2018 in the BMW M4?

Those Los Angeles drivers familiar with the BMW M Performance, here are some of the 2018 updates you can expect for the 2018 BMW M4:

  • New Headlights: The 2018 BMW M4 gets some new peepers, with a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing design, a more aggressive look, and blacked-out housing that really makes them piercing, an outstanding focal point on an already handsome fascia.
  • iDrive: This totally configurable feature is new for 2018, a big improvement over previous generations' systems. You choose the information you want displayed on each tile, and you arrange them in any position you'd like, giving you full control over your cockpit.
  • Accessorize & Personalize: Like previous M4 generations and other M Performance models, customization is a big part of the allure, and the 2018 M4 is no different. From carbon-fiber accents to competition wheels, you can really make the 2018 M4 your own, especially with the genuine BMW parts & accessories in our Parts Department.

All in all, the arrival of the 2018 BMW M4 has us very excited, and if you're a performance-minded driver from the Los Angeles area, we want to share some of that excitement with you. Join us for a test drive in the scrupulous, thrill-inducing 2018 BMW M4 and we promise you won't regret it. In fact, you might just be meeting your next new BMW model, so let fate guide you right into the bolstered seats of a new 2018 BMW M4. It's not a long drive home to Los Angeles, but it'll feel a lot better in your own new 2018 BMW M4.