California Clean Fuel Reward

The California Clean Fuel Reward (CCFR) is an exciting incentive that the state of California is providing to help more drivers throughout the state realize the advantages of driving an all-electric car. What could this mean for you? It means that the State of California will pay you to purchase or lease an exciting new electric BMW. Schedule an appointment or give us a call to take advantage of the CCFR program and we'll show you how to take advantage of one or more of the following CCFR rebates, which are applied at the time of lease or purchase:

  • BMW i3 = $1,500 CCFR Rebate
  • BMW 330e = $1,166.33 CCFR Rebate
  • BMW 530e = $1,166.33 CCFR Rebate
  • BMW X3 30e = $1,166.33 CCFR Rebate
  • BMW X5 45e = $1,500 CCFR Rebate

BMW Knows Electric Vehicles

It's an energizing time to be in the automotive industry as the world shifts from fossil fuel vehicles to all electric transportation. It seems like every week another major automaker is unveiling another advanced electric vehicle. Naturally, BMW is leading the industry. In fact, BMW first entered the world of electric cars all the way back in 1972 when it introduced the 1602e. That innovative electric BMW even had a role in the Munich Olympics that year. Today, your options for driving home in an electric BMW are growing at an exciting rate, and we're proud to take part in the California Clean Fuel Reward Program at South Bay BMW in Torrance, CA.

Why Get an Electric or Hybrid BMW?

Every BMW must be an Ultimate Driving Machine. The latest electric and hybrid BMW models certainly live up to that high standard. As soon as you put your right foot down in an electrified BMW, you'll know exactly why the future of automotive transportation is electric. Unlike conventional gas-powered engines, electric motors instantly provide torque to the wheels. That's why you may have seen new electric cars with a level of acceleration that leaves high-powered gas engine cars in the dust. Add the world-renowned handling and driving dynamics of a BMW, and you have a world-class driving experience with zero tailpipe emissions.

Aside from providing superior performance, electric cars are also much cleaner. That's especially important here in Southern California. It's also the reason for the California Clean Fuel Reward Program. In fact, the goal of this program is to put more electric vehicles on the streets for a carbon-neutral future. Did you know that it costs less to charge an electric vehicle than it does to put gas in a conventional engine? At the end of the day, an electric or hybrid BMW means better performance, lower costs, and a cleaner world for everyone. It's no wonder that electric cars have become so popular.

It's Easier Than Ever To Charge Electric BMW Models

With a massive electric car charging infrastructure emerging, it really is practical to upgrade your daily driver to an electric BMW. Take the latest BMW i3, for example. A single charge can take it up to 200 miles when equipped with the Range Extender, and it can be charged up to 80% in 40 minutes or less at a fast charging station. That's hardly enough time to have lunch. If you need to get back on the road faster than that, these fast charging stations can provide up to 75 miles with just ten minutes of charging! You'll also appreciate one of the industry's best factory warranties when you purchase or lease a new BMW hybrid or electric model.

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