2022 BMW Electric Models Research in Torrance, CA

Throughout the world, the German engineering behind every BMW is recognized among the industry's absolute finest. So, it's no surprise to find BMW at the lead once again with pioneering hybrid and electric vehicle engineering. Much of the BMW lineup we all know and love is now available with an integrated electric motor that not only provides a generous all-electric range, but also adds power to the already impressive BMW gas engines. From short commutes to cross-country road trips a new BMW plug-in hybrid is a great option.

Of course, we wouldn't be talking about one of the world's most respected auto makers if they didn't also offer cutting-edge all-electric vehicles, and we can hardly wait to show you the latest from BMW. High capacity batteries that can be fully charged in under 6 hours is just the beginning of the efficiency and performance waiting for you in a new all-electric BMW. Learn more about these and the available hybrid models below.

All-Electric and All-Style: The BMW i-Series

Nearly a decade ago, BMW debuted its new all-electric lineup with the BMW i3, a uniquely-designed two-door hatchback that prioritized versatility and electric capability. Now, BMW is set to enter a new era of electric vehicles with the release of the new BMW i4 and BMW iX. The i4 is the first electric sedan BMW has produced while the iX is its first-ever all-electric SAV, both due to be available in 2022. These new models embody a commitment by BMW to further diversify its lineup and lead the charge in electric vehicles becoming more prevalent on the roads. With BMW, there's no sacrifice in luxury or performance when you choose to go electric.

Learn more about the BMW i-Series of all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid models by contacting our staff or coming down to South Bay BMW at 18800 Hawthorne Blvd in Torrance, California.