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Staying up to date on vehicle maintenance needs can sometimes be a challenge for Torrance drivers. After all, service needs are an ongoing process, and often life can get in the way. It's understandable that you might fall behind now and again.

Unfortunately, neglecting routine upkeep can cause some serious problems for your vehicle. Components will start to break down, filters become dirty, and tires wear away with extended use. These problems can cause anything from a minor inconvenience to costing you thousands of dollars. Schedule an appointment at our South Bay BMW service center, and let us lend your BMW a hand!

Services We Provide at South Bay BMW

When staying on top of service needs, you'll find that you get more life out of a well-maintained vehicle. Our skilled service technicians can aid BMW drivers as well as other car brand owners with their recommended maintenance intervals. The following are the most common BMW service tasks that our team can perform for you!

Oil Change

One maintenance task you don't want to fall behind on is your oil change. Your engine needs fresh, clean oil to sufficiently lubricate its moving parts. If your oil gets too dirty or falls below recommended levels, friction builds up and can lead to overheating.

Scheduling an oil change every 5,000 miles or as recommended in your user's manual will keep your vehicle at its best. Thus you can prevent a costly repair.

Coolant Check

Another fluid that is necessary for the temperature regulation of your engine is coolant, also known as antifreeze. Our service professionals can easily check your coolant levels during your oil change and add more if needed.

Tire Care

Proper tire pressure and good tread are crucial when it comes to your vehicle's handling. You should be sure to check your pressure on a regular basis to ensure it's within recommended levels. A good rule of thumb is to look at your wheels every other gas fill-up.

Depending on your driving habits, you may need to invest in new tires every couple of years. Driving on balding or damaged tires is dangerous and can lead to accidents. Scheduling a tire rotation regularly can extend the lives of your tires and save you money.

Brake Inspections

Keeping up with your brakes and ensuring they stay in tip-top shape is essential to safety on Los Angeles roads. A leak in the line or worn parts like rotors can greatly decrease your stopping power. This is especially problematic on slick road surfaces, hills, and curves. Not to mention if you need to stop suddenly. Gain peace of mind by scheduling regular brake inspections.

Battery Check

A simple service we offer that can save you from future inconveniences is battery testing. Let our team check your battery's power so that you're always sure to have sufficient power. We'll let you know when it's time to replace it!

Wiper Blade Replacement

Wiper blades in good condition are important throughout the year around Los Angeles. Rain can accumulate on the windshield when your blades are dull or worn, making it hard to see very far in front of you. Snow and ice can smudge and smear, leading to even less visibility.

Replacing your wiper blades every six months or so will give you a clearer view and keep you safer while driving. You should also monitor your washer fluid levels and top off as needed.

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These are just a sample of the BMW services we provide here at our South Bay BMW service center. Explore our website to learn more and schedule your next service appointment. Should you need advice on your vehicle's maintenance needs, just call our friendly service team.

We make it easy to schedule your next appointment with us online. Our team is always happy to assist Torrance customers with timely and knowledgeable service. We hope to see you the next time you need high-quality car care.

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