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New BMW i3 REx

Shop Range-Extending BMW i3 REx Hybrid-Electric Vehicles near Los Angeles

The world is changing--and more and more drivers in Torrance and Los Angeles are calling for a more sustainable way of staying mobile. While small daily life choices, like walking, biking, carpooling, or taking public transportation to your destination, can start to add up, choosing a long-range battery-operated electric vehicle, like the new BMW i3 REx, can really make a big push to reduce your carbon footprint.

Consider the BMW i3 with Range Extender (REx) as your next new model near Los Angeles and Long Beach; explore new inventory here at South Bay BMW.

Who is the BMW i3 REx Right For?

Built with the same Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) found in the BEV, the BMW i3 REx is a fantastic, lightweight choice for Hawthorne and Redondo Beach drivers who need a longer range for their daily commuting needs. It offers many of the amenities, premium materials, and advanced technologies that you'll find in BMW's lineup, but with a distinctly eco-friendly edge.

REx Technology

The largest differentiator in the BMW i3 REx, from the classic model, is a gasoline range extender--which does nullify the "all-electric" boast, but boosts driving range from 100 miles of pure electric up to 170 miles or more with smart driving. A benefit is that the range-extending small engine will only jump to life when the battery has been drained, so you'll never needlessly waste fuel. The advanced hybrid technology in the BMW i3 REx offers more peace of mind for drivers in Los Angeles and Long Beach who like to be spontaneous--but don't want to be left with a dead battery when plans pivot.